Web Development - Maxwell Davis

Maxwell Davis

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Client: Maxwell Davis

Work: Website Design, Mobile Development

Results: Maxwell Davis is a professor in the Crafts Department at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. He has been making art furniture for over eighteen years and has has exhibited in over 130 national and international shows and competitions. He’s also been a featured artist on two national cable television shows, and been privately collected by dozens of furniture and fine art collectors including the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia and the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

For this project, Maxwell commissioned us to redesign his website. He wanted a way to show prospective buyers and collectors his work, while taking advantage of today’s technology. It was easiest, he said, to show people pictures of his artwork on his iPhone, and wanted the ability for others to navigate through the photos on their own.

As a result, we designed his website using what’s known as responsive design. This basically means that the site will respond to, or adapt to, the size of the visitor’s browser. If you visit the site on your desktop, you will see the full-sized version. If you visit it from your mobile phone, it will scale down to fit the size of your screen.

Website: www.maxwelldavis.com

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