Web Design for Detroit Film

Keys to Detroit Movie

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Client: Keys to Detroit Movie (1806 Entertainment)

Work: Web Design, Marketing Consulting

Results: The Keys to Detroit Movie is going to be a very interesting marketing experiment as much as it will be a promising visual film. More than just a movie… more than just a film, it aims to be a community campaign to unlock the city and its rich history.

Unique keys can be found throughout Detroit, at its various historical landmarks and cultural institutions such as the Detroit Historical Museum and the Henry Ford Museum. Your key can unlock gift certificates to restaurants and museums in the area. Some of these landmarks will be featured, I’m sure, in the film.

This project was fairly simple. We designed a landing page for the trailer (seen below), with a clear call-to-action. The Keys to Detroit team wanted to encourage visitors to sign up for e-mail updates, so we put a simple contact form right below the video, and links to their various social networks.

Website: www.keystodetroitmovie.com

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