Mobile Web Design for Michigan Lawyer

Rudoi Law

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Client: Rudoi Law

Work: Web Design, Mobile Development, SEO, SEM

Results: David Rudoi is an attorney based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, specializing in DUI law. He came to us to design a website that would work as his “sales and marketing team” so that he could focus on doing what he does best: winning cases.

We designed a site with his target audience in mind. With clear call-to-actions and well-laid out, informative information, his website visitors are able to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. We kept in mind the various search terms they would use when looking for a lawyer, and incorporated those phrases into our title tags, headings, and page descriptions. This has proved beneficial because his website receives scores of visitors each day, based on popular search terms.

For the design of his website, we used what’s known as “responsive design,” whereby the sizing of images and layout of text will “respond” to the size of the browser. This is especially useful when viewing the site from a mobile device such as your iPad, iPhone or any other smartphone. You can even try for yourself on your desktop computer: go to and then re-size your browser window to see it in full effect.


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