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Reach your target audience in an affordable way.



Designing a website is not nearly as expensive as radio blasts or newspaper ads, and actually will get you much better results. That’s because your website can become your best salesperson, generating new leads and customers for you while you sleep!

  • Give your visitors a trustworthy and professional first impression.
  • Design your website to act as a strong salesperson that actually works for you 24/7/365.
  • Get it to rank high in Google search results for the phrases that your customers search for.


Good web design matters. You have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your visitors.

We make sure it counts.

With graphical layouts that guide the user’s eyes, and clear and appealing call-to-actions, you will increase conversion rates and turn more visitors into paying customers.
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request a web design quote


How much does a website cost?

Some web design agencies charge tens of thousands of dollars for websites just because they have huge overheads to cover. Do you really want to pay for those added layers of Account Managers, or for that intern to cart coffee around?

Other design firms take advantage of people who may not know the process of good web design. These companies churn out “1, 2, 3” solutions or a “one-size-fits-all” approach (and then charge you month after month for the same finished product, just sitting there).

We are not them.

Don’t you deserve complete control over the website in which you paid for? Wouldn’t you like the freedom and assurance of being able to update your own website in the future?


We are the happy medium

  • We’re small enough that we can devote all our resources to you, but still smart enough to relentlessly beat the competition.
  • We know small business. We know what it takes to succeed.
  • Best of both worlds – we’re a team of creative professionals and only charge for what you need.


A custom approach optimizes results

What You Get: An affordable website that will enable your business to grab its share of the market, impress your visitors, and serve as a central hub for your online marketing success.
An online presence enables you to target and capture your audience in this digital realm: we just help you navigate. With the proper tools and resources, you can integrate your vision into this ever-expanding digital market.

Our web design process

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Grow your business online with a Freshtight web design.


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request a web design quote


This page was translated to the Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich.