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Online marketing strategies that work.

With competition getting tougher, and margins getting thinner, it’s ever-important to establish a strong web presence for your business. Freshtight Designs can craft a strategic online presence for your company that will increase sales and push you ahead of the competition.

Freshtight Designs delivers success.


No matter your business – whether a local, Ann Arbor furniture designer, a Saline-based packaging company, an attorney in Michigan, restaurant in Plymouth, or Detroit photographer – and no matter your size – start-up, non-profit, small business or international wholesaler, you need to market your company online in order to be competitive.

We connect people, places and products in this increasingly digital world.

Even if you’re not selling products online, having a website (and spending some time and energy marketing it) will significantly influence a potential customers’ decision to do business with you.

Think about it: everyone has a website these days. What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

The answer: have a strategic and systematic approach to not only designing your website, but also in marketing it and promoting it online. Everything from user experience, to typography, to search engine and conversion optimization.

Freshtight Designs specializes in the full life-cycle of web design, optimization and promotion. Your website is just the first step.


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The business model has changed.


So has buying behavior.

Customers no longer wait to get information. They seek it out. With their smartphones, they jump online to view the menu of the new restaurant in town, as they pass by. They Google prices of shoes they just saw in the television commercial, while sitting on the couch. They ask fellow mothers on Facebook which car seat they’d recommend for their first child.

If your business isn’t at the center of these searches and discussions, you’ve lost them to your competitors. And you’ve lost sales.
The numbers don’t lie: 40% of people make decisions based on online reviews. 40%.

That means screaming about your product on TV or in ads is less effective than letting other people scream for you through their reviews and social sharing.

97% of consumers start their purchasing process online.

The numbers don’t lie. If they can’t find your business online, you’re missing out on a ton of sales.


See how affordable your success could be.


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So why choose Freshtight Designs for your website design, SEO and social media needs?


Because if you’re wasting hours of your own time setting the margins on your website and figuring out how to change the colors of your headers, then you’re wasting hours you should be investing into running your business.

You’re an entrepreneur, an artist, a restaurant owner, a product designer or a content creator. Your business is people. Our business is web design.

Letting someone who’s experienced at what you can’t do quickly and efficiently not only saves you time, it saves you money. And that is a good investment.

When you tap into the skills and experience of Freshtight Designs, you’ll get more than a powerful website with a stylish design or a marketing campaign that will grow your client base through social media.

  • You’ll get monitored progress.
  • You’ll get exceptional service.
  • You’ll get the tools and the knowledge you need to catapult your business to success.

In the end, you’ll get a creative solution to your business needs that’s a proper reflection of your vision. One that will win you increased traffic and increased sales so you can achieve your online dreams.

We just help you get there.

Your customers are trying to find you online.


Let them.