How to Choose a Web Designer

What You Should Know Before Choosing a Web Designer

A web designer is the person who designs the entire layout of your website, known as the “front-end”, usually in Photoshop or some other graphic program. He or she will collaborate with their team (or hire other help) to develop the “back-end” of the website (or the code).

Other persons involved in website designing besides the graphic designer include the programmer, SEO specialist and an online marketing consultant. Everyone has his or her own kind of work to do in order to successfully marketing your business online.

Do your research

If you’re lucky, you might get an all-in-one web designer who can do all the work himself. Either way, when you are choosing a web designer for the promotion of your business, do some research about who you are hiring.

Affordable web design has many connotations

Many companies and individual web designers claim to make “affordable website designs” for your company, but no one knows what they mean by affordable. If you define the word “affordable” as a means of cheap and low rate, then you are right. But even “cheap” and “low rate” have two different meanings each.

In my opinion affordable website design is the design that’s made in a reasonable price range, yet still covers all of the aspects of your business.

A website is only as effective as the marketing behind it. And what good is a website anyways if it just sits there after you’ve designed it? It needs to perform.

Following are some tips to help you in getting what you want.

  • When you choose a web designer check the previous work and portfolio items listed on their website. Also try to contact some previous clients to get a clue about their working style and how fair they are.


  • Try to sort out their skills while you are in interviewing mode. A good website designer will ask a ton of questions about your company, your objectives, and the design and style of your website. It is very important that the person who is designing your business website should comprehend your business needs. How else is he to know how to get you what you want?


  • A Copywriter is a very crucial matter. Not only do you plan out what you’re going to say on your website, but also how you’re going to say it. If you’re a great writer and can make clear and compelling web copy on your own, that’s great. But if you can’t, you might want to hire someone who writes professionally for a living. It’s these small investments that really help catapult your business into the future.


  • Search engine optimization is another core tactic in the success of your website. Ask your web designer whether they know about the term. They should be happy to talk to you about SEO and how websites made according to SEO techniques will definitely generate more traffic.


  • Talk about money matters in advance. Most of the charges will depend upon the number of pages you want to add in your website and the functionality or features needed.


How to choose your web designer

A web designer or web design firm is an integral tool to give you the desired results of having an affordable website design created for you.

If you search online for Web Designer in Ann Arbor or Michigan SEO Company you will get the names and logos of different companies and individuals working to assist you.

But how can you choose the right web design company?

  • Check their previous work and portfolio
  • Try to contact previous clients
  • This enables you to get an idea about their working style
  • Be wary of designers who have “packages” or a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Your website is very important. It should be unique, custom. It should speak to your brand.


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