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Why Groupon is Bad For Your Business

Groupon markets their coupon service to small business owners as a way to quickly enhance their sales numbers, but most businesses are unprepared for the actual impact that Groupon will have on their daily performance.

10 Link Building Mistakes That Kill Your Website Rankings

More and more small business owners are beginning to realize the importance of search engine optimization, and more specifically, link building techniques and their influence on rankings.

Importance of Having an XML Sitemap for Google

An XML Sitemap is a list of pages on your website (not readily visible to humans) that is formatted in such a way that helps Google index pages on your site that it might not find otherwise. Sitemaps help...

Mission: Small Business

Chase and LivingSocial are awarding grants to small businesses across America and Freshtight Designs has the chance for one worth $250,000!

7 Proven Online Marketing Tactics to Get More Business

People who are totally unaware of your presence need to be informed. Reach a global audience by marketing online. Just contacting a web design firm and getting a website designed isn't enough: real time, effort and courage are needed...