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Master the Art of Creating Premium Prices

If your marketing strategy includes deals, discounts and mark-downs, consider the repercussions to your brand. Do you seek to be the discount store, complete with hundreds of one-time shoppers? Or, would you rather host a handful of top-paying returning...

Best Way To Do Niche Keyword Research

When someone decides to start doing keyword research, usually their first impression is that the most popular keyword should be the one they go after. They might even spend months trying to rank and then wonder what is happening...

10 Important Things You Should Know About the Design Industry

The design industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This is because every graphic designer thinks that what they do is the best. Graphic designers are often compared to chefs, and are known for being...

Attention Photographers Using WordPress: Are You Guilty of These Mistakes?

If you are a photographer using Wordpress to display your portfolio, chances are you aren’t utilizing all the tools and best practices that you should be.

Web Hosting 101: Things to Avoid and Remember in Web Hosting

Web hosting is something we all deal with each day. Without a good web hosting company supporting a website, there’s a good chance of regular downtime and negative customer reviews.