5 Tricks of the SEO Copywriter Trade

5 Tricks of the SEO Copywriter Trade

Thinking of donning an SEO Copywriter hat and creating your own website content? It’s not as simple as you may think. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume simply writing about what you do will get sales across the line. There is a lot more to it!

Research Your Keywords

Keyword research is the most important part of any SEO strategy. You’ll need to get to know Google Adwords Keyword Tool and a few others, including SEOMoz’s Linkscape (now Mozscape) and Market Samurai. Once you’ve mastered these (and they’re not as intuitive as you may first think, read up on how to use them properly) you can find the best keywords for the job.

Choose Carefully!

You might find you’ve got a GREAT keyword in every way except grammatically. The reason it’s such a great keyword is because nobody wants to target a grammatically difficult phrase in their copy. You’ll need to use the phrase in key areas of your website, including in your paragraph headers. If you’re choosing a grammatically incorrect phrase, be ready to do some pretty nifty copywriting to make up for it. Remember Google hates apostrophes too!

You’re the Google Whisperer

An SEO Copywriter is essentially there to interpret. You will be interpreting the web content into blocks that search engines can understand You’ll need to know enough HTML to know how to communicate with search engines crawling your site.


You’re the Human Interpreter

While you’re interpreting for search engines, you’re also interpreting for humans. Sometimes these two conflict. You’ll need to interpret your product or service’s features into benefits for customers. It’s no good listing ten things your product can do if you customer doesn’t care. You need to give them a reason to care, and while you’re at it, make sure search engines know to care too.

Overcome Objections not Branding Objectives

Anticipating and overcoming objections is a vital part of your copy. It’s how you “sell” online. This is where hard sell copywriting really comes into its own. You’ve seen it, scrolling down, page after page, block after block of bolded, highlighted, italicised, bright red headings, with objection after objection listed, and then counter argued until the reader is just too tired to object any further!

This sales copy works. It works crazy well. Unfortunately, it also alters your branding. It makes you look cheap and aggressive, like an overnight infomercial. Choosing the right voice for your product may mean sacrificing a few sales but in the long run, you won’t need to compete on price to survive. Choose the right voice and then use it to persuade your buyers, overcome objections, nudge them through your sales filter and close the deal.

Of course, if it all seems too difficult, you could just hire a professional SEO Copywriter, and trust them to get the job done!

About the Author: Dana Flannery is an SEO Copywriter and online marketer for www.talkaboutcreative.com.au
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  • Lee
    September 18, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Hi this is really informative. I have been really lazy with choosing my key words. Just by using google Adwords and seeing what alternatives come up when I pump a keyword in to google. This is an area where I needed a big kick up the behind.

    So for that thanks lee

  • September 20, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    You are right about the Google whisperer part, I think learning basic HTML is one of the best foundations an SEO-bound person should have.

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